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Average Speed/Pace Calculator

Average speed is typically defined as distance traveled divided by time taken. We can also calculate time per unit of distance.

If you want to calculate the average walking pace, just measure the total distance of your walk and divide that by the amount of time the journey took to complete.

This calculator can also be used to determine speed equivalents like miles per hour, feet per second etc.

For instance, input time as one (1) hour and distance as the equivalent speed, say 60 miles for the one hour period. Then you can choose yards per minute, feet per second etc..

In the table below :-

  • Input the time taken (hours, minutes, seconds).
  • Input the distance (miles, kilometers, meters, yards, feet).
  • Choose if you want the results expressed in Miles/Kilometers/Meters/Yards/Feet per Hour/Minute/Second.
  • Press 'Calculate Distance per Time' (if necessary).

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