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Convert Decimal or Percent To Fraction

Sometimes we may want to express a decimal or percentage in the form of a fraction.

For example, 0.28 (or 28%) has an exact fraction equivalent of 7/25.

Unfortunately, all decimals or percentages can't be represented as a fraction in a meaningful and usable form.

For example, the simple representation of decimal 0.23699 as a fraction is 23,699/100,000. This is exact but not very meaningful if we were thinking in terms of a denominator around which we could wrap our minds.

Thus, we can express the decimal or percentage in terms of a specific denominator and the percentage difference between the two results, if there is a difference.

  • Select "Decimal" or "Percent".
  • Input a number in decimal or percentage form; the decimal point is pre-assigned.
  • If you are interested in a specific outcome (denominator) input number desired.
  • Press "Convert Decimal/Percent To Fraction".

Convert To Fraction



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